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DIBS ~ Tips and Tricks

By Sexsmith Football 08/15/2018, 8:30am MDT

Volunteering made easy!

Sports Engine Tips & Tricks!

By Sexsmith Football 08/14/2018, 8:00pm MDT

Let us help you stay informed.

Edmonton Eskimos Fun Bus!

By Sexsmith Football 08/10/2018, 7:30pm MDT

All Aboard! It is always a memorable adventure!

Sexsmith Classic Success

By Sexsmith Football 06/04/2018, 10:15am MDT

What a day! Thank you to all the volunteers that made it a success for the kids.


By Sexsmith Football 05/10/2018, 10:15am MDT

Sexsmith Football Newsletter Edition 2018-1

By Board of Directors 04/27/2018, 2:00pm MDT

Keeping everyone informed about Sexsmith Football!

We have an App!

By Dawn Ewan 03/12/2018, 1:15pm MDT

Stay connected! Help us keep you in the loop!

What you need to know about peewee season!

By Dawn Ewan 03/12/2018, 1:00pm MDT

Volunteering Made Easy

By Dawn Ewan 03/12/2018, 12:15pm MDT

Easy Peasy no mess way to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

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